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Suddenly I'm hungry...

Once again, the Giant Bed has provided me with the chance to witness some great sleeptalking. It's early in the morning and I was already half-awake and laying in bed trying to convince myself to either get up or fall asleep. There's thrashing from the other half of the bed where K and M are snuggling, and I look over in time to see M start nudging K.

K: Wha... hmm?
M: Get up! Get up!
K: *whining* Why?
M: You gotta get them off. Get the slugs off me!
K:'re asleep.
M: No! The slugs are going to make me into stew...
K: *rolls over* Go'sleep.
M: *muttering fades out into very faint singing as he curls up again* Stew for meeee... stew for yoooouuuu...

I love my packmates, I do, I do.
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